It's Important that you are guided correctly when it comes to online marketing.  There are SCAMS and empty promises that will lead you so far down the rabbit hole, by the time you know it you are maxing out your third credit card.  Be alert and highly aware  of these practices on the internet that only serves to exploit the vulnerable who are searching for quick fixes and get rich quick schemes.  You may have been exposed to sales headlines such as these:

  • Take Surveys Online and cash in on $500 per day with no effort!
  • Earn $1000 per day sitting on your couch by just clicking your experience required!
  • Newbie earning $5995 per week by following one simple secret!

I doubt you would be reading this page if that BS was real. The reality is that the shiny object bubble is quite real, and statement like the above are false thus their one intention is to get as much money from you once you get caught in their web of deceit. Now if you are looking for a quick fix push button system then I suggest you click off this page.  However, If you want to build real wealth from an Online Marketing Business or a Work from Home System then this is your place to be.

It is likely that you will be exposed to this kind of information from time to time from unscrupulous marketers who claims to be online marketing Gurus. Be on the alert for these make money online opportunities because if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Hence my intention is to provide you with an ethical way of making money online without the hassle of creating a product from scratch.  Follow these four simple steps below and you will be well on your way to making online profits.


There are no short cuts in this business and you will not have a smooth ride or straight line journey to your success online.  It is very important that you prepare to develop a hard working mindset so you can effectively build your online business knowing that you have earned your income with integrity

Courage is what will keep you going as it takes courage to put that extra hour in and coerce an idea into action.  Luckily you have the  right tools, training and support here that will guide you along the way. We have provided a list of must read books for Entrepreneurs like yourself to ensure that you keep your focus and develop the right mindset. Readers are leaders and you would definitely need the knowledge in order to remain viable in the online space. Both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, well known billionaires business men were ask the question re a super power they would love to have and they both mentioned the ability to read much faster. Fancy that, now you too can read the books they read and gain similar insights on the journey towards your online fortunes.


One definition of Affiliate Marketing is the process of building and maintaining a website that reviews products by writing content. The content would have links to online stores (such as Amazon) where readers like you would purchase the product and thus the website owner will earn revenues through commissions. Now its quite OK if you have a fair of writing as all it takes is practice. You are not expected to be a pro right out of the gate as this may be all new for you. There are also different ways of reviewing affiliate products such as Vlogging  which we will discussed later so stay tuned.



 Choose An Interest/Niche  

Whatever it is that interest you

and that you are passionate about.

It is possible you have an interest you have

always wanted to share with others. Maybe something

you can speak about for 2 hours without getting bored.


Build A Website

Building your own website is simple.

This is going to be the foundation of your business.

You should definitely take some time to create your master piece.

Give it your best shot and don't worry if it doesn't come off well the first time.

It takes longer to build a sky scraper than it is to build a chicken coop.



Attract Visitors

Your goal before you try to make money

on any website is to focus on getting actual people (leads)  to the website.

Lead generation strategies are a must and same can be learned at your own pace.

This will be the lifeblood of your business and as thus should be taken seriously.

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Earn Revenue

Once you have an audience (traffic) you can

promote products and services through

affiliate programs.Traffic generation is a skill you can learn.

Always remember strategies trumps tactics every-time.

However you will need to have both to be effective.

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