The Money ISN’T In the List…

Know your List Of Subscribers

Most people, including you, probably realized the importance of having an email list.There are a lot of things we can do to improve and grow our businesses, but building and properly using your email list is at the very top. However, The size of your email list doesn’t matter, and here’s why:Your subscribers are people. Actual, real-life people. We forget this sometimes. It’s a lesson to be learned now before you go crazy worrying too much about the size of your list, which is easy to get carried away with. Even if you had one person on your list, that’s a person whose life you could change, who could become a customer, or give you the honest feedback you need to help your business grow.

Marketers Favorite Phrase In The Online Space

A common phrase a lot of marketers will tell you is this: “The money is in the list.”

That’s actually a terrible way to put it because it implies that simply having a list is what matters, and it also implies that the size of your list is what’s most important.You could have a list with 100,000 people on it, but if you don’t send the right emails, you might as well not have a list at all. Plus, you could also flush your hard-earned money down the toilet because you’re paying an email service provider for those subscribers you’re not even using.

Making The Connection With Your Subscribers

The worst thing you can do is gather these people into this space, leave them hanging, and never communicate with them; or, call for their attention only when it’s about you or whatever you’re trying to sell. When you learn how to serve them best, your numbers will reflect a much more successful list of eager buyers.

So this is perfectly coined:“The money isn’t the list itself. It’s what you do with it.” Take note of how you are communicating with your audience, if you have an already built list and if you don’t try to learn the intricacies first before jumping onto the bandwagon, you could run the risk of throwing all your hard work out the window.

How well do you know your list and how are you making the connection? Share your thoughts with us below!


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